Established schemes enhanced

New schemes for emerging professions created


We work on a consultative basis with our broker partners to co-create products that meet
the specific needs of their small business clients. Talk to us about how, together, we could
enhance and improve an established scheme. Alternatively, we can discuss the co-creation
of new schemes for emerging risks and professions.

Our in-house underwriting capability provides the necessary agility to tailor our cover to each
community based small enterprise and gives us control over product coverage, limits and risk acceptance.
Or, you may have underwriting skills, experience and/or data that we can use in partnership to create a great
scheme or revitalise a promising one that just needs some TLC from a responsive insurer.

You might have a well thought out and compelling proposition that needs a partner with the capacity
to work with you to bring it to market.  At Peach Pi we listen and give you a fast and honest response.
Your clients will always be our priority, whatever their requirements might be.

Scheme Appetite

Professions we are keen to write include health related professions with or without some treatment risk.
For example Acupuncture, Complimentary Therapy, Physiotherapy or Fitness instructor.

We can also consider freelancers and consultancy businesses such as interior designers, marketing and
advertising, IT or management, engineers, book-keepers and charities.

Property Risks

We will look at schemes for the property risks associated with small community businesses.
Naturally that includes those associated with target professions such as Offices, Surgery Practices,
Retail outlets and warehousing.

We are happy to look at a broad range of property related schemes.

We don’t write: Chiropractic, Dentistry, Doctor, Nursing, Osteopathy, Paramedic,
Radiography, Tattooist, Veterinary, Accountants, Auditors, Architects, Surveyors, Design & Construct,
Kitchen Design, Coaching, Training, Education, Risk Management, Insurance Brokers, Solicitors, IFA’s,
Estate Agents, Security companies, Recruitment agents, Manufacturing, Health & Safety, Science lab technicians.

Working with Us

We are here to work with brokers and MGA’s supporting small entrepreneurial businesses.
Consequently we expect to write deals that may not necessarily appeal to the volume providers
but they do need strong potential.  Talk to us and we’ll give you a very quick decision.

We expect the broker to bring market research, customer insight, pricing insight, a business plan
and any required fulfilment capabilities.

Peach Pi will provide the capacity, our own insurance expertise, account management and claims handling.