One size
doesn’t fit all

with brokers

Agile claims

We understand that the claims experience is paramount.  You need to be confident that your clients will
have access to an expert and unambiguous claims service when it is needed most. When an incident occurs,
your clients are able to speak to claims professionals to get the help and advice they need – quickly and
from a consistent point of contact. To make sure our claims are dealt with efficiently, professionally and
equitably, we settle the majority of our claims in-house, including legal expertise from our team of in-house
lawyers and backed up by access to experts in other disciplines where the situation demands.

We work closely with our broker partners to deliver the best bespoke claims solution for each of your
unique clients.  Our in-house team of claims experts will lead our customers through every step of the
claims process, working closely with our broker partners to deliver their clients the level of service
they deserve to protect and empower their business ambition.

Schemes expertise

When co-creating and supporting schemes business we can discuss adapting our claims solution to
best reflect the needs of the scheme.  You are welcome to use any and all aspects of our service and to use
our network of suppliers.  If it makes sense to do it differently though, we are happy to explore that.
We will never compromise on the quality and integrity of the claims handling process.